Kennet Growth Leaders.

Lluis Font, NTRGlobal

Lluís Font has a vision for making IT simpler about using Web technologies to automate the management of IT infrastructure, reducing and carbon footprint of enterprise IT departments. With NTRglobal’s enterprise-grade Service (SaaS) for remote systems management he is driving revenue momentum for the industry around the globe. Under his leadership NTRglobal has increased its […]

15 Apr 2015 | Posted in: Kennet Growth Leaders

Gustavo García Brusilovsky, BuyVIP


Gustavo García Brusilovsky leads by action. His commitment to continuous process improvement and the determination to be in control had delivered significant growth already at the largest pan-European private buyers’ club.

21 Aug 2009 | Posted in: Kennet Growth Leaders


Edward S. Marflak, Schoolwires


Edward S. Marflak has a vision for transforming communication in K-12 education in North America, and has led the charge to develop a suite of online products and services now being used by thousands.

24 Feb 2009 | Posted in: Kennet Growth Leaders