Deal glossary.

A jargon-free guide to deals.

Growth investment

We invest cash into your business in exchange for a minority or a majority equity stake. This allows you to fund new expansion opportunities, such as setting up sales in a new country, recruiting professional managers, or developing new product lines.


Together with you and some of your existing shareholders we agree to acquire all the remaining shares. The purpose is to cash out shareholders who want to realize their investment, and to ensure that those who remain support your growth plans.

Secondary share purchase

We buy shares directly from existing shareholders who have a desire for liquidity.

Management buy-out/buy-in (MBO/MBI)

We provide financing to management teams who want to buy into companies they work for, or acquire companies they have identified.


We buy a technology division from a larger company.

Leveraged buyout (LBO)

We use a mix of debt and equity to finance a cash-generative growth business, minimizing your equity dilution.

Acquisition financing / roll-ups

We provide funding to ambitious entrepreneurs who have a specific plan to grow through acquisitions.