Mark A. Bradley.

Mark A. Bradley served as CEO and Board Member of Conversica (a Kennet III portfolio company). The Conversica platform engages, nurtures and connects customer leads consistently and persistently, cultivating relationships at each step of the life cycle. Unlike auto-response programs, Conversica uses artificial intelligence to interpret responses and take action based upon customer replies, giving each contact context, thereby increasing engagement and results. Conversica is like having hundreds of professionally trained sales people working around the clock, doing the leg work before turning readied and reignited leads over to to your sales team.

Mark A. Bradley was part of the founding team at NexTag, a high growth Silicon Valley start-up known for its popular consumer website providing price comparison shopping information. NexTag grew rapidly to over 350 employees operating in 9 countries.

Providence Equity invested in the company in 2007, resulting in one of the highest valued buyouts in media. Though the company was venture capital funded when it was created in 1999, the team restarted the company in late 2000 with only $1.6 million of capital and the business was cash flow positive thereafter. The core business was built around the most advanced SEM and Display retargeting platforms on the market today. As a result, Mark developed a strong technological, analytical and entrepreneurial focus on capital efficiency. Mark played several key roles in the company’s development including President, SVP of Global Product Shopping, SVP of International, and SVP of Operations and led several acquisitions. Prior to co-founding NexTag, Mark worked within the Technology sector for over 10 years, where he held several executive positions at public companies in Marketing, Product Management and Business Development. Mark graduated from Southern Methodist University with an undergraduate Business Degree in Finance. Mark has served on several company boards and is currently on the boards of AcademixDirect and Next Performance, both Kennet III portfolio companies.